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Oncall Design Solution

Fonterra’s contact centre in Auckland never sleeps. Custance created a colourful, airy space to inspire and motivate the customer service representatives throughout the day and night.

Located in a heritage building in central Auckland, 100 customer service staff representatives and support staff operate shifts around the clock. A predominantly young workforce, Custance created a light, colourful environment for them with specific technical requirements around lighting, heating, air conditioning and acoustic control.

Ergonomic workstations and chairs are used throughout with a flexible layout design for hot desking, while maintaining team identity through the use of bold graphics on screening.

The particular requirements of shift workers are accommodated in kitchen/breakout facilities, a ‘Quiet Room’ and a range of meeting and training rooms with sophisticated audiovisual and computing capabilities.

Key Outtakes
Uplifting space
for 24 hour contact centre
for hot desking while maintaining team identities
100 staff