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Church of Christ

Church of Christ

Shining Consolidation

With offices scattered across Sydney, Custance worked with the Church of Christ to bring everyone together in one inspiring space.

With an overriding desire by the client to create an uplifting environment for staff, clients and community partners, Custance developed a theme of ‘A Place in the Sun’.

Symbolic shafts of sunlight emanate from the floor, glass walls and ceiling in reception and refract throughout the entire fit out. The shafts are coloured film applied across glass doors and office fronts, with elements of yellow appearing in fabrics and other feature elements.

The central breakout space uses warm, bright colour accents. Casual break out spaces interweave between the open plan workstations to encourage easy conversation and interaction.

Key Outtakes
aspirations brought to life with uplifting theme
Scattered offices
brought together in 1000m2 space
Breakout spaces
encourage interaction